Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Concise Oxford English Dictionary 1.0

Offers full-text search functionality, instant look-up from Windows® documents
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100 years after its first publication, the twelfth edition of this world-famous bestseller gives the most up-to-date picture of the English language today. The original 1911 edition, revolutionary at the time for its focus on current English and its use of illustrative examples, combined a succinct yet approachable style with coverage of everyday as well as specialist terms. This centenary edition continues this ground-breaking tradition, giving you rich authoritative coverage of English as it is used today.
The CD-ROM version of the dictionary offers full-text search functionality, instant look-up from Windows® documents, including email and the internet, and high-quality spoken pronunciations for thousands of words, making it ideal for family use, as well as for home, work, and school use. The CD-ROM is both Windows® and Mac compatible.

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